10 Fabulously Sketchy Gifts
 at The Sketchy Artist, by April Ripka [owner & artist]

It's hard to narrow the list down to just 10 because I love everything. Some of these items have become solid staples at the store, while others have been gaining hot momentum. The Sketchy Artist is noted for its art supplies and paper goods, but the gifts...well, they deserve a spotlight, too. I've also compliled (with the help of my nieces) an exclusive top 10 of kids' stuff here.
Now on to the list (in no particular order)...

Buddha Board (mini)

Always a best seller, the Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. Simply paint on the surface using water and watch your creation come to life. As the water evaporates, your art disappears leaving you with clear mind and a clean slate. Great for meditation, practicing brush strokes and painting techniques, doodling, venting and more! A fun and paint-free way for kids to express themselves, too!

Gift Wrap/Posters

These beautiful & inspiring paper sheets are pure eye-candy. Yes, they are techinically catagorized as gift wrap but that's just a formailty. People always ask me what everyone does with them. My response is always the same - anything you want! Line cabinets and shelves, book art, cards, collage, or just plain frame them! The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination.
But really, they make excellent wall decor. Cavallini & Co. (the company) figured that out not too long ago and came up with clever ways to hang them. Come check 'em out!

LOQI bags

What can I say? If you have one, you want another. If someone gave one to you, you want to give one back. These great-looking,
eco-friendly, long-lasting, water-resistant, washable, and highly compactable bags prove that reusable isn't just pratical, it's a style statement. Find yours.
Hold up to 44lbs, weigh only 1.9oz.
Fold back into bag, roll up, or reverse stuff into its inner pocket. (yes, they have a pocket!)

Pens Pens Pens!

Gel, ballpoint, roller ball, felt tip, pigment ink. calligraphy, fountain pens...it's all about pens here at The Sketchy Artist. I blame this partially on me and my insatiable additction to all things that write. But hey, how did i know that over the years there were so many like me! The serach for new and exciting pens is ongoing, especially for Japanese ones, and I'm not going to stop.


Literally, anything Totoro.

Need I say more?

bee paper

Blackwing Pencils, etc.

I've definitely met a pencil I didn't like, but I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who didn't like a Blackwing. Made of California cedar and Japanese graphite, this pencil of luxury doesn't disappoint. I could try to describe why, but nothing says more that trying one for yourself. Oh, and the journals are amazingly lush, too, with no bleeding or ghosting!

Feng Shui Lucky Cats

Do you or someone you know need a little good fortune in life?
Consider it done.
Each color, when placed in the appropriate part of a room, helps improve the qi (energy] of the particular quality it represents. For example, the red cat, when placed in the EAST side of a room, helps improve prosperity or good business - which is why we always have one in our front window. ;)

There's one for every aspect in life you think could use some positive juju, making these cute fortune kitties a thoughtful and helpful gift. What could it hurt?

BlueQ bags

Ohhhhh these bags are goodies. Not only do they have fun 'patterns,' but they are extremely durable, highly water-resistent and made out of 95% post-consumer materials. Available as a pencil case and a larger zipper bag - great for your vast collecton of pens, makers, colored pencils, etc etc.
Speaking of BlueQ, check out some of their dish towels, too!


the Winkel

Quite possibly the best and most popular baby toy we have. I admit, I had my doubts in the beginning but then i started giving them as a new baby gift and the praises kept coming in - babies love the Winkel! It's strange looking, but its clever design is easy for babies to grab, shake (it rattles) and chew. Pair this with a tube of teething gel and you've got yourself a stellar babyshower gift.

Japanese Candy and Snacks

It's always tempting to expand on the Japanese faire in the store. In fact, it wouldn't be hard for me to do that, but then where would I put all the other great stuff? In any case, I couldn't resist adding this essential (and yummy!) element of Japanese culture to Sketchy, and wow I'm so glad I did. Japanese candy isn't just any kind of candy, though. Yeah, the packaging is irresistably cute and enticing, but the flavors!! When something says it's strawberry (ichigo), it actually tastes like real strawberry and not fake strawberry. This is because most Japanese candy isn't dosed up with extra artificial stuff and all those other unnecessary ingredients. I'm not a sweets person myself, but I really enjoy tasting everything I bring in. So don't be afraid to let your kids try some -- and you, too. Just don't forget to brush your teeth!

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