10 Fabulously Sketchy Gifts
 at The Sketchy Artist, by April Ripka [owner & artist]

It's hard to narrow the list down to just 10 because I love everything. Although I rotate the store's line-up of gifts often, these particular items have become solid staples at the store - not to mention being consistently popular all year 'round. The Sketchy Artist is defined by its art supplies, greeting cards and stationary/decorative papers, but the gifts...well, they deserve a spotlight, too.
Now on to the list (in no particular order)...

#1. Buddha Board (mini)

Always a best seller, the Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. Simply paint on the surface using water and watch your creation come to life. As the water evaporates, your art disappears leaving you with clear mind and a clean slate. Great for meditation, practicing brush strokes and painting techniques, doodling, venting and more! A fun and paint-free way for kids to express themselves, too!

#2. Gift Wrap/Decorative Paper

These beautiful & inspiring paper sheets are pure eye-candy. Yes, they are techinically catagorized as gift wrap but that's just a formailty. People always ask me what everyone does with them. My response is always the same - anything you want! Line cabinets and shelves, book art, cards, collage, or just plain frame them! The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination.
But really, they make excellent wall decor.

#3. LOQI bags

What can I say? If you have one, you want another. If someone gave one to you, you want to give one back. These good-looking,
eco-friendly, long-lasting, water-resistant, washable, and highly compactable bags prove that reusable isn't just pratical, it's a style statement. Find yours.
Hold up to 44lbs, weight only 1.9oz.
Fold back into bag, roll up, or reverse stuff into its inner pocket. (yes, they have a pocket!)

#4. anything Stabilo!

Pens, markers, art supplies - really, this German company knows how to deliver! Ingenious and fun, Stabilo has a pen for everyone - the point88 and pointVisco are our two most popular right now! I personally love the CarbOthello pencils - a soft pastel in pencil-form that's also water-soluble. Whether you're looking for an ergonomic set of color pencils for a 3-year old or the perfect, smudge-proof pen that writes like a dream, you'll fall in love with what Stabilo has to offer.


Literally, anything Totoro.

Need I say more?

bee paper

#6. Bee Paper

I am continuously impressed with these guys and seem to stock more pads of Bee Paper than any other line. With a variety of fine crafted papers for every medium, you really can't go wrong.
Best of all, Bee Paper is milled within the United States, concentrating on top quality rather than mass production.

#7. Feng Shui Lucky Cats

Do you or someone you know need a little good fortune in life?
Consider it done.
Each color, when placed in the appropriate part of a room, helps improve the qi (energy] of the particular quality it represents.
For example, the red cat, when placed in the EAST side of a room, helps improve prosperity or good business - which is why we always have one in our front window. ;)

There's one for every aspect in life you think could use some positive juju, making these cute fortune kitties a thoughtful and helpful gift. What could it hurt?

#8. LAMY Safari and Al-star Fountain Pens

I don't think I've seen anyone try this pen and not exclaim their admiration for it. Honestly.
Ever use a fountain pen? It will change the way you write forever. Easy to hold, light-weight and available in a variety of colors, the Safari (plastic coated] and Al-Star (aluminum finish] fountain pens never fail to impress. You can either use cartridges with them or opt for the converter [$5.25] so you can fill it with your own ink. Either way, Lamy pens write like butter and are at a great price for a mid-level fountain pen. There's one on display to try at the counter - just don't say I didn't warn you.


#9. the Winkel

Quite possibly the best and most popular baby toy we have. I admit, I had my doubts in the beginning but then i started giving them as a new baby gift and the praises kept coming in - babies love the Winkel! It's strange looking, but its clever design is easy for babies to grab, shake (it rattles) and chew. Pair this with a tube of teething gel and you've got yourself a stellar babyshower gift.

#10. Japanese Puzzle Erasers

Sometimes referred to as 'sushi erasers.' the IWAKO Japanese puzzle erasers are an infectious multitude of all that is kawaii ('cute' in Japanese). All the pieces come apart to mix and match and they really do erase! Honestly, I think there's an eraser of EVERYTHING, and believe it or not, what we have in the store is only a tiny tip off the iceberg. Buy 'em single or in packs.

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