THE SKETCHY ARTIST is an art supply and gift boutique located in lovely downtown Northfield, Minnesota.
Owned and opperated by an artist, this quirky, fusion-concept shop is a delightful find to those who venture in

There’s inspiration all around us in everyday life; our mission is to find what inspires, set it on a shelf and hope that a spark ignites.

i m a g i n a t i o n / c u r i o s i t y / i n s p i r a t i o n

We seek products that bring you to the doorstep of one or all three of these things -- whether it's a vivid tube of acrylic color, an odd little trinket that beckons utter cuteness, or the perfect writing pen.
Surprise yourself with a great selection of quality art materials for all levels of talent. Indulge in the beautiful and often whimsical culture of Japan with a variety of pottery, candy & drinks, kawaii and traditional imported gifts. Explore an inspiring and decadent assortment of paper and stationary, plus a quality selection of journals, notebooks and pens from around the world. We're well-known in town for our quirky and unique line of greeting cards. We also have a great kids section featuring product lines that encourage development and imagination.

The Sketchy Artist is definitely the place to shop for something truly original and off the beaten path - whether you're an artist or not!